Biko's House of Horrors


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a locked enclosure at least 5m high, 2060m long, and 10m wide. Inside the enclosure there must be at least 1024m of unobstructed space on either side of SCP-XXXX's passageway. When not under study, SCP-XXXX's barrier is to be lowered and locked. The key to SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a safe, with access only to personnel of Class C and higher.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a toll booth with a roof extending to one side, for vehicles to pass under. The booth and roof are built of reinforced concrete (ref. document █████████, section 3). The booth is colored white, and the roof sky blue (ref. document ██████, sections 1 and 4). The booth door is secured with a padlock. To the side of the booth is a boom barrier, painted red and white.

Inside the booth is a small table. On the table is a single IBM PC/AT computer (█ MB RAM, ██ MB hard drive), with an attached Model F keyboard. Installed on the PC is a program for managing the passage of vehicles (see image below).

Screenshot of a gray text-mode window UI. The window title reads "Toll Booth". Inside the window is a label with the text "Gate Control", and underneath it are two buttons: "Open" and "Close".

When the gate is opened through a command from the booth computer, any physical object passing through will be instantaneously transported 1024m in the direction opposite its motion. The effect also extends to light at wavelengths below ███nm and above ███nm.

Passing through the booth while the barrier is closed (e.g. by jumping over it) has no visible effect. Opening the barrier is possible only through a command from the computer. All attempts to physically force the barrier open or closed have failed.

See Addendum 2 for more information.

Addendum 1 - Discovery: On ████-07-14, listening post ██ intercepted a call between ██████ and ████████, indicating that a toll booth appeared on a stretch of the A20 highway between the cities of Vierzon and Châteauroux (France). The caller, who frequently drives this route, expressed surprise at this occurrence. Even more surprising was that the booth covered only a single lane of the road.

Out of curiosity, the caller approached the booth, and noticed that it was unoccuppied and its barrier open. Further, upon passing through it they could no longer see it in their rear-view mirror.

After approximately 1 kilometer they encountered another toll booth, which they remarked to be uncannily similar to the first one. However, by the caller's own admission, they were quite tired at this time. They decided not to pass through the second booth, and continued on their way.

The intercepted call triggered several keyword alerts (ref. document ████████), and a containment team was dispatched from Site-██. Preliminary analysis by the field agents confirmed the nature of the anomaly, and the area was cordoned off. SCP-XXXX was then transported to Site-██ for containment and research.

It is currently unknown whether any other persons interacted with SCP-XXXX prior to its containment.

Addendum 2 - Research Log: [REDACTED]

This document is based on the SCP Foundation wiki. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.